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Estate Planning at Finivi

Whether your goal is to leave a legacy behind for your family, or favorite charity, provide for a family member with special needs, protect your assets, or successfully transfer the family business to the next generation, at Finivi we approach your wealth transfer and estate planning needs with creativity, sophistication and care.

What is Estate Planning?

Ensuring Your Assets Pass to Intended Beneficiaries

It’s a process that includes making choices about how your estate and personal affairs will be administered in the event of your death or disability. It also includes naming a guardian for your minor children.

Minimizing Income & Estate Taxes

It’s deciding how and to whom you would like your assets distributed, while also incorporating strategies to minimize the impact of income taxes, estate taxes and other estate settlement costs on the value of your estate.

Being Remembered the Way You Would Want to Be

It’s about being remembered the way you would want to be by leaving a legacy to your loved ones and/or favorite charity that reflects your wishes and gives purpose and meaning to what you have accomplished in life.

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Elements of an Effective Estate Plan

  • Those that depend on you have the resources they need to carry on

  • You avoid the unnecessary delays and expenses of probate

  • Your estate is distributed to your beneficiaries in the manner in which you intended

  • You are able to name a guardian(s) for your minor children

  • If you become incapacitated, it's clear how and by whom your personal care and finances will be managed and how health care decisions will be made

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Estate Planning for Blended Families

Being part of a blended family that brings together children and assets from a previous marriage often presents additional planning challenges. Traditional estate plans may not adequately address the specific needs unique to a blended family. They require you to give careful thought to your planning objectives, recognizing potential conflicts, and understanding the implications of various planning decisions on your loved ones.

Balancing the needs of each family member, which may include children from both a current and a previous marriage, as well as your spouse, can be addressed with a variety of customized estate planning strategies.

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Own Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?

Ensuring your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not lost upon your passing can take some careful and specialized planning. In addition to incorporating your crypto assets into your overall estate and trust planning, you need to also consider what would happen to your crypto holdings if you became incapacitated.

As specialists in the cryptocurrency space, our advisors can assist you and your attorney in creating crypto asset security and transfer strategies based on your specific holdings, objectives, and transfer plans.

A Team Based Approach

As a key member of your Estate Planning Team, we work with you and your tax and legal advisors to help determine which estate planning strategies are best suited for your specific situation. Through this team approach, we can help you design and implement a comprehensive estate and wealth transfer plan that will help preserve your hard-earned assets while enhancing and protecting your family's future for generations to come.

Getting started begins with a candid conversation about your estate transfer objectives and concerns.

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