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Retirement Planning at Finivi

In the past, you worked, you saved, you retired -- and, in that world, providing linear retirement planning solutions for that straightforward path was sufficient. We know that this isn’t the world we live in anymore, as the very concept of retirement is being re-defined, and so has our approach to traditional retirement planning.

What's your definition of retirement?

Whether you’re planning a more traditional retirement, semi-retirement, early retirement, a series of mini rolling retirements, or are thinking of taking a sabbatical, you came to the right place. Our financial advisors will help you design your ideal life by helping you maximize the financial resources you have while planning for any unforeseen challenges life might throw your way.

Our fee-based, in-person, or virtual retirement planning services provide you with unbiased guidance and actionable advice in all areas of planning and investing for whatever your version of retirement may be.

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Retirement Planning Process

Define Your Retirement Vision and Lifestyle

  • Explore your desired timeline & lifestyle
  • Estimate the cost of living your preferred life
  • Review “what if” scenarios

Examine Your Current Financial Situation

  • Review your financial and other assets
  • Evaluate income sources & liabilities
  • Review current investment strategies, risk management, and tax status

Create Actionable Financial & Investing Strategies

  • Properly link your savings and investment strategies to your income and lifestyle goals
  • Develop a step by step guide with checkpoints to get you to where you want to be

Monitor and Update Your Plan

  • Provide ongoing guidance and coaching to help you stay on track
  • Monitor and adjust your financial plan, income and investment strategies as your life evolves and circumstances change

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Our retirement planning services also include (1) Helping you determine at what age can you realistically retire with your desired lifestyle, (2) Social Security claiming strategies, (3) Planning for post-retirement healthcare costs, (4) Creating the income you need to live the lifestyle you want, (5) Survivor income options and (6) How to appropriately invest your retirement plan assets.

Social Security Retirement Income

Your Social Security retirement benefits are primarily determined by how much you earned while working and when you ultimately elect to begin receiving benefits. However, there are many other nuances that should be considered before making your election that could make a substantial difference in your lifetime benefits.

Social Security Claiming Strategies Review

Whether you are married, single, divorced or widowed, and are thinking of retiring this year, next year or in a few years, a Social Security Claiming Strategies Review can help you better understand what benefits you are eligible for, the claiming options available to you, and the right time and manner to file that maximizes your Social Security income and best fits your needs.

Here is what’s included:

A customized report that will help answer these key claiming questions:

  • What will my benefits be under various claiming scenarios?
  • What are the pros and cons of delaying my benefits filing?
  • How do cost-of-living adjustments impact my benefits?
  • How do Medicare premiums impact my Social Security payments?
  • How would continuing to work after claiming impact my benefits?
  • Will my benefits be subject to income taxes?
  • How do I maximize survivor benefits available for my spouse?

A 30-Minute telephone or video conference with a financial planner

  • Review your claiming strategies report and answer your questions
  • Discuss the five key factors you need to consider before claiming
  • Discuss strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes on your benefits
  • Review the benefit claiming process
  • Discuss your action steps moving forward

Depending on your individual needs, your review may also cover:

  • How divorce impacts spousal benefits
  • What to do if your spouse or former spouse dies
  • How remarriage affects your survivor benefits from a former spouse

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Post-Retirement Planning

Learn how your spending patterns, investment decisions, plans for managing unforeseen healthcare costs, and the way you're drawing income from your retirement assets can have a significant impact on your retirement lifestyle and how long your retirement funds may last. Get the answers you need to make smarter post retirement planning choices along with actionable advice on how to maintain, or even improve your retirement lifestyle.

Here is what you will learn:

How can I generate the income I need to maintain the lifestyle I desire?

  • How do Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) work?
  • How much can I safely withdraw from my retirement plans each year?
  • How do I prioritize which assets to utilize in my distribution plans?
  • What impact will different withdrawal amounts and investment returns have on my ability to generate a lifetime income?

How can I generate the income I need to maintain the lifestyle I desire?

  • Am I taking more risk than necessary with my retirement funds?
  • How should I invest my retirement assets to best achieve my income and lifestyle goals?
  • Am I paying too much in investment management fees?
  • How do I handle that annuity I purchased from my broker?
  • How are my retirement funds performing?

What happens if I pre-decease my spouse or if I lose my health?

  • How should I plan for potential unforeseen healthcare costs?
  • Will my spouse have enough income if I predecease him/her?
  • How can I protect my retirement funds and other assets if I (or my spouse) need some form of long-term health care?

How can I reduce or eliminate taxes on my Social Security benefits?

  • Review your claiming strategies report and answer your questions
  • Discuss the five key factors you need to consider before claiming
  • Discuss strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes on your benefits
  • Review the benefit claiming process
  • Discuss your action steps moving forward

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