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We build investment portfolios differently so you can live differently.

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Investment Management at Finivi

Our goals-based investment management services are designed to help you link your preferred lifestyle and investment objectives with personalized, professionally managed investment strategies.

It’s all about you. Fiduciary care.

Objective, fee-only investment management. Your interests are the driving force behind every decision we make. Being an independent, privately owned firm, our perspective is our own, allowing us to select only those investments and solutions that best serve you, our client.

We take a disciplined approach to investing that is built on extensive knowledge of market history, a keen understanding of economic cycles, robust securities analysis, and grassroots experience in investing in disruptive companies and exponential technologies.

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Fee-Only Investment Management Solutions

Automated Investment Management

Low Cost ETF Portfolios designed for investors who prefer automated, research supported, diversified, active or passive investment strategies.

Actively Managed Portfolios

Goal linked portfolios that may use a combination of individual stocks, fixed income securities, ETF’s, REITS, UIT’s, alternative investments, and select mutual funds.

Retirement Income Portfolios

Diversified actively managed investment portfolios designed with the objective to generate sustainable, inflation-protected income, while reducing volatility and downside risk.

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Thematic Investment Strategies

As a socially responsible, technology-driven firm, we have a keen understanding of the socioeconomic and technological changes that are reshaping the world around us. Uncovering interesting investment opportunities based on long-term thematic or “mega” trends is at the core of our proprietary Thematic Investment Portfolios.

Socially Responsible Investing

You look beyond investing as just a means to grow your wealth… you want to use your wealth to help others, to make your community a better place and to ensure the companies you invest in have similar social and environmental goals as you do.

We offer professionally managed SRI portfolios to allow you the opportunity to grow your wealth while aligning your investment strategy with your personal values. Our impact investing portfolios invest in high-growth companies solving global challenges while having a positive societal impact.

Global SRI Growth Portfolio

Impact Growth & Income Portfolio

Blockchain & Disruptive Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Quantum Computing, Gene Sequencing, 3D printing and Blockchain technology are all converging to create a technological revolution that will usher in economic, social and cultural changes worldwide at a scale that is hard to envision.

Understanding how to capitalize on these emerging technologies can create interesting investment opportunities. We currently offer two actively managed stock portfolios in this arena.

Blockchain Innovators Portfolio

Emerging Technologies Portfolio

To learn more about blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize the way we live, shop, entertain ourselves, and relate to one another, visit our informative site:

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We Strive to Minimize Costs and Fees

Costs are a significant detractor of overall investment returns, as such, we pursue the most cost-effective means in managing your portfolio, including owning individual securities, fixed income investments and low cost mutual funds and ETF’s.

In addition, unless special circumstances exist, we do not outsource the management of your investments as many other wealth management firms will do. The only investment management fee you pay is ours. This avoids a second, or sometimes third layer of fees that are added on by the outsourced firm.

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Bitcoin & Digital Currencies

Have questions about bitcoin or other digital currencies? Our fee-only digital currency consulting services can help you better understand the basics of digital/cryptocurrencies and tokens, what you need to know about cryptocurrencies and income taxes, how to evaluate Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and other ALT coins and tokens, and how to buy, sell, and safely store digital assets.

(Note: Specific Buy, Sell, or Hold Recommendations are not part of this service)

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Investment Portfolio Review

Like many people, you have most likely accumulated a variety of investments over the years from different sources. You may have several 401(k) plans from your current and previous employer(s), an IRA or two, perhaps an annuity, some mutual funds, ETFs, or a variety of individual stocks and bonds. Maybe you have an investment that you’re not even sure what it is...or how it works. Sound familiar?

You may also now find yourself with multiple advisors and investment firms, each overseeing a portion of your investment portfolio. A mutual fund company, brokerage firm, a bank advisor, or even your insurance representative, all responsible for a piece of your financial future. This often leads to an un-coordinated investment strategy, conflicting advice, increased costs, and poor overall investment performance.

We get it. We can help. Here is what you will learn:

  • What investments you own and how they work
  • An assessment of any annuities you may have purchased
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio
  • The potential impact to your portfolio as interest rates rise
  • Whether you hold consistently underperforming investments
  • How well your portfolio is diversified
  • An assessment of your overall investment costs and fees
  • If your portfolio is working to minimize taxes
  • Whether your portfolios risk level matches your comfort level

We know you have better things to do with your time than worrying about your investments and if the advice you have been given in the past has been in your best interest, or your advisors. You are one click closer to a more confident future.

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*Investing in individual stocks, mutual funds, or ETF’s, focused on a particular theme or idea may be subject to increased risk or price fluctuation over more diversified holdings due to adverse developments which can affect a particular industry or sector.

The views and strategies described may not be suitable for all investors and do not ensure a profit or protect against possible loss. There is no guarantee that the strategies discussed will be successful or achieve their desired objective. Past performance does not guarantee future results. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk. All information regarding our investment strategies are subject to change without notice. Dividends are Not Guaranteed. The factors that affect dividends are sensitive to economic and business conditions, which are likely to change from year to year, causing dividends to fluctuate, up or down accordingly.

Eric C. Jansen, ChFC

Fun Facts About Me

When he is not researching the next great stock to add to client portfolios, you can find him travelling frequently with his family to Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Steven C. Johnson, ChFC

Fun Facts About Me

Steve would tell you that one of the best parts of the day is spent talking to clients and relationships that result from it. When away from the office, he loves to travel the back roads of New England enjoying all the great sites that can be found off the beaten path.

  • Hometown: Townsend, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: December, 1967
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing Hockey
  • Favorite Food: Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Can't be interrupted when: Watching the Bruins
  • Hidden Talent: Cooking – Makes a great Thanksgiving turkey
  • Something on bucket list: Travel to Italy and Greece
  • Family Pet: Max – our Pomeranian

Frederick M. Lane, ChFC, CASL

Fun Facts About Me

When not managing client portfolios, Fred can be found relaxing with family and friends.

  • Hometown: Nutley, NJ
  • Birth Month & Year: July, 1954
  • Favorite Hobby: Dog Walking
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Can't be interrupted when: Listening to Pink Floyd
  • Hidden Talent: Landscaping
  • Something on bucket list: Space Flight - Tourism
  • Family Pet: None

Catherine Utley

Fun Facts About Me

  • Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
  • Birth Month & Year: February 1977
  • Favorite Hobby: Anything that gets me outdoors exploring nature
  • Favorite Food: Anything Mexican
  • Can't be interrupted when: Drinking first cup of coffee for the day
  • Hidden Talent: Putting together complicated puzzles
  • Something on bucket list: Over the water bungalow in Fiji
  • Family Pet: Currently between pets. Previous owner of 2 adorable pugs

Catherine M. Gareri

Fun Facts About Me

When not caring for her clients Cathy enjoys relaxing in her yard at home.

  • Hometown: Bellingham, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: July, 1957
  • Favorite Hobby: Cooking and Entertaining
  • Favorite Food: Steak at the Capital Grille
  • Can't be interrupted when: It's family time
  • Hidden Talent: Dog Whisperer
  • Something on bucket list: Spending a couple months on the Almalfi Coast
  • Family Pet: In Between Mastiffs now so a little blue fish “Willy”

Katie E. Moore, CLTC

Fun Facts About Me

When Katie is not busy taking care of her clients, she spends her time being a mom to her two little ones, Owen and Isla.

  • Hometown: Modesto, CA
  • Birth Month & Year: September, 1982
  • Favorite Hobby: Swimming
  • Favorite Food: Mexican Food
  • Can't be interrupted when: I'm cooking
  • Hidden Talent: Climbed Yosemite's Half Dome, twice - no fear :)
  • Something on bucket list: See the Northern Lights and Potty Train my 2 year old
  • Family Pet: Caddy and Sierra – our two cats

Herbert Kyles

Fun Facts About Me

When Herbert isn't reviewing your portfolio or assisting you with your financial well-being you can probably find him relaxing with friends.

  • Hometown: Overland Park, KS
  • Birth Month & Year: November, 1989
  • Favorite Hobby: Hockey, Golf & Cooking
  • Favorite Food: Chipotle
  • Can't be interrupted when: Studying
  • Hidden Talent: Fluent in French
  • Something on bucket list: Demolition Derby
  • Family Pet: None

Hesper Duval

Fun Facts About Me

Loves spending time with 2 daughters and enjoys participating in 5k obstacle races throughout the year.

  • Hometown: Charlton, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: October, 1981
  • Favorite Hobby: Running
  • Favorite Food: Cheesecake
  • Can't be interrupted when: Reading a good book
  • Hidden Talent: Interior Design and furniture restoration
  • Something on bucket list: To travel cross-country in an RV
  • Family Pet: Charlie and Nora, both black labs from the same litter

Donna Fournier

Fun Facts About Me

When not cheering for the Patriots Donna spends her free time travelling throughout the U.S. looking for new haunted places to explore. She loves wearing her cowboy hat and boots when travelling out west.

  • Hometown: Swansea, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: February, 1961
  • Favorite Hobby: Exploring haunted locations
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Can't be interrupted when: Eating my pizza
  • Hidden Talent: Rollerblading
  • Something on bucket list: Travel to Australia
  • Family Pet:  Had a pet skunk

Anne Whitney

Fun Facts About Me

  • Hometown: Jaffrey, NH
  • Birth Month & Year: September 1988
  • Favorite Hobby: Drawing and painting
  • Favorite Food: Anything spicy!
  • Can't be interrupted when: Reading a good book
  • Hidden Talent: Expert calligrapher
  • Something on bucket list: Go to San Diego Comic Con
  • Family Pet: Most recently, a rescued beagle named Max

Steve Taylor

Fun Facts About Me

  • Hometown: Franklin, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: May 1975
  • Favorite Hobby: Golf
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Can’t be interrupted when: Spending time with my family
  • Hidden Talent: Juggling
  • Something on bucket list: Play golf at Pebble Beach
  • Family Pet: none

Sarah Kupec


  • Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ
  • Birth Month & Year: November, 1992
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking
  • Favorite Food: Chipotle
  • Can't be interrupted when: Watching LSU football. Geaux Tigers!
  • Hidden Talent: Chalkboard art
  • Something on bucket list: Travel to Germany
  • Family Pet: Max, a 14-year-old Westie

Cathy Hession

Fun Facts About Me

When away from the office, Cathy enjoys working out and participating in the 26.2 mile Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk each September.

  • Hometown: Hanover, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: May, 1964
  • Favorite Hobby: Travel & hiking
  • Favorite Food: Danny's Homemade Sauce
  • Can't be interrupted when: Watching Katie ride
  • Hidden Talent: Equestrian photographer
  • Something on bucket list: Spend a month in Monterosso Al Mare w my family
  • Family Pet: Sassy, our Australian terrier

Kieran Lavery

  • Hometown: Bedford, NH
  • Birth Month & Year: November, 1989
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing tennis and softball
  • Favorite Food: Tex-Mex
  • Can't be interrupted when: Watching college basketball
  • Hidden Talent: Can solve a Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes
  • Something on bucket list: Attend Oktoberfest

Matthew Cleary

In his free time, Matt likes to hike, camp and travel with his wife Gina.

  • Hometown: Farmington, Maine
  • Birth Month & Year: March 1986
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Can't be interrupted when: Watching the Celtics
  • Hidden Talent: Water skiing
  • Something on bucket list: Traveling to Greece
  • Family Pet: Aspiring British Bulldog owner

Justin Giuliano

When not helping clients, Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and family while settling into his new home.

  • Hometown: Wethersfield, CT
  • Birth Month & Year: July 1988
  • Favorite Hobby: Exploring new destinations with my wife
  • Favorite Food: Frutti di Mare
  • Can’t be interrupted when: Grilling
  • Hidden Talent: A unique inability to sit still
  • Something on bucket list: Traveling to Europe

Nicole LeGuern

In Nicole’s spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities with her four kids such as sports, hiking, boating and fishing. She also loves to volunteer her time in helping organizations fundraise such as the American Diabetes Association.

  • Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: February,1983
  • Favorite Hobby: Fishing
  • Favorite Food: New Haven style Pizza
  • Can't be interrupted when: Cooking
  • Hidden Talent: Can change a tire in under 5 minutes
  • Something on bucket list: Visit Hawaii and Bora Bora
  • Family Pet: Petey, Our old man Chihuahua

Rana Choubah

When Rana is not helping clients with their financial needs, she spends her time with her family traveling, hiking and running.

  • Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Birth Month & Year: October 1967
  • Favorite Hobby: Running
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Can't be interrupted when: Reading a good book
  • Hidden Talent: Construction and home repair
  • Something on bucket list: Complete a triathlon
  • Family Pet: Two sweet cats, Macy and Maya

Jaclyn Stickney

  • Hometown: Lunenburg MA
  • Birth Month & Year:  October,  1978
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking & Camping
  • Favorite Food: steak & ice cream
  • Can't be interrupted when: reading 
  • Hidden Talent: fiddling with cars
  • Something on bucket list: African Safari
  • Family Pet: None

Danielle Drew

When Danielle does not have her head in a book studying to expanding her financial planning knowledge, she enjoys anything active and outdoors, including the beach and hiking.  

  • Hometown: Dennis, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: November, 1985
  • Favorite Hobby: Working out, concerts, and exploring wineries
  • Favorite Food: Lobster pot pie, cheeseburgers, BBQ, the list goes on...
  • Can't be interrupted when: Working out 
  • Hidden Talent: Country line dancing
  • Something on bucket list: To hike the 48, 4000 footers of New Hampshire
  • Family Pet: none, hopefully a big dog someday

John "JP" Bisceglia

JP loves spending time with his niece and enjoys weekend trips to the cape during the summer.

  • Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
  • Birth Month & Year: October 13th 1993
  • Favorite Hobby: Fishing with friends and family
  • Favorite Food: Pasta Alleluia
  • Can't be interrupted when: Hiking Wachusett Mountain with the pup
  • Hidden Talent: Navigating and driving boats
  • Something on bucket list: Helicopter snowboarding in Japan.
  • Family Pet: Alaskan companion noble dog

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