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Whether you are recently divorced, widowed or just simply looking for financial advice geared more towards the unique planning needs of a Savvy and Independent Women, you have come to the right place. Meet our highly engaged, supportive and experienced women and wealth advisors who are passionate about helping other women who find themselves at a crossroad in their lives.

Katie Moore, CDFA (Read Bio >>)

Katie has over 10 years of experience empowering independent women, newlyweds, and women in transition due to a divorce, death of a spouse, career change, or other life event to expand their knowledge and build their confidence regarding money and investing.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst she specializes in providing financial guidance to women who may be contemplating or currently going through a divorce.

Catherine Gareri (Read Bio >>)

Cathy has over 25 years of experience helping women who need help planning for a successful transition into retirement, who are recently widowed, dealing with an illness, or looking to create customized estate planning and asset protection strategies.

She is passionate about creating enduring relationships through her unhurried way of truly getting to know her clients and providing thoughtful guidance in a genuine, caring and impactful way.

Amazing things happen when women team up – especially when they come to us with a strong desire to change their financial futures, expand their knowledge and build their confidence regarding money and investing. Empowering women with the tools they need to be financially independent is where we really make a difference in the lives of everyone we work with.

Who We Work With and How We Can Help

Working Professionals

You work for what you earn. And you work hard. Between all the responsibilities you juggle and the obligations you must meet in your personal and professional life, you don’t have a lot of time left to add on another full-time job of being your own financial planner.

You deserve someone to work for you, who will also make sure your money is working just as hard.

Dealing with Divorce

No matter how your relationship ended, divorce is difficult on countless levels. It can be stressful, mentally demanding and emotionally taxing.

Once you start the planning and rebuilding process, however; you may find it liberating to shed some aspect of your former life and transition to the next chapter on your life’s journey.

Recently Widowed

It’s a worst-case scenario for many of us, but if you find yourself facing this new reality, reach out. We can help you understand the decisions you may (or may not) need to make around your financial situation.

There’s no denying experiencing the loss of a spouse is a life-altering event, but you don’t have to deal with figuring out the finances on your own.

Newlyweds and Young Professionals

Many young professionals coming out of college struggle with student loan and credit card debt, which can be a significant hurdle when they decide to get married or start a family. We get it. We help newlyweds, and young families better understand their finances, as individuals and as a couple, and facilitate the necessary conversations about money, debt, and their financial future.

From these conversations, we create action plans delivered in bite-size pieces, along with ongoing coaching and financial advice that helps guide them to achieving the life they want for themselves and their families.

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